M.Z, Tampa, FL

I had the Non-surgical Face Lift and Wolfe Deep Tissue Work with Suzanne. I was surprised to see two vertical lines above my nose was greatly reduced. What was even more amazing is my hearing improved!

 I had the Wolfe Deep Tissue on my feet focusing on my bunions. After 2 sessions my bunions were considerably smaller. I have tried other approaches and this beats surgery!!! Even though the sessions can be uncomfortable, I would recommend strongly recommend them.

Suzanne is very intuitive and knows when and how to get the most out of the session.She always knew when I needed to take a breather.


This is testimonial for Suzanne Margolis- Gray of Renewed Life Wellness and Wolfe Deep tissue Technique.

I have had significant pain on my left side of my low back for 9 years. During that time I found that Structural Energetic Therapy (SET) was an effective treatment and over time, I was improving.

Unfortunately, the progress was extremely slow, somewhat like watching Continental drift. You know something great was happening but at 65 years of age I just did not have enough time to watch this unfold. When I heard of the Wolfe Deep Tissue Technique of breaking up scar tissue that had formed in the muscles, joints,tendons and organs, I was ready to give it a try.

I have had four sessions with Suzanne, and I have scheduled 5 more in advance. From the very first session, I could see and feel change my body. I have continued with SET along with the Wolfe Deep Tissue and have seen my body progress, relatively speaking, move into warp drive. My SET therapist has also seen the  changes and is delighted with the results. For the first time, I think I see it and of my pain.


“During what might have been a catastrophic illness last year, I was fortunate to be a client of ReNew Life Wellness Center. The different treatments and body work provided by the health care providers at ReNew Life Wellness Center, plus the education provided about nutrition and supplements contributed to my full recovery. ReNew Life Wellness Center provides the very best of Alternative Health Care with competence, integrity and caring.

My husband and I heard of your center through a friend. We had been reading up on ‘how to get healthy’ for the past few years, and though we were filled with book knowledge, quite frankly did not know how to put it all together, where to start, or even what to do. That is exactly what ReNew Life Wellness Center did for us. After several of your specialists listened to us about all our ‘aches and pains’, you helped put us on a cleanse and detox program that was right on target. We are both amazed at how much better we feel with in such a short period of time!

In addition, I am extremely excited about the weight loss program I am currently participating in through ReNew Life Wellness Center. The weight loss program is ‘fiber’ based. This is the first time I’ve tried a ‘fiber’ based program. Though with all the reading I’ve done, I‘ve learned that the best way to lose weight was to increase my fiber intake. Again, left alone, I had no idea how to do that, how much to consume, or what type of fiber to consume.”


“Believe me when I say I have tried every weight loss program I can think of from Atkins, Weight Watchers (twice), Jenny Craig (oh so expensive), Beverly Hills (too many unknown pills to take) I’ve tried the eat every 2/3 hours diet, stuffed myself  with cabbage soup – you name it, I think I’ve tried it. This time is different!! I love the protein shakes with fiber. They are not only delicious; they are pre-measured (no thinking on my part…yea!) The fiber bars are convenient and yummy, and the BEST PART IS… I can still eat normal food.

However, truthfully, from feeling so full from the fiber, I no longer “crave” or “think about food” all the time! I’m amazed! I can’t wait to see a new me in the, not too distant future. Thank you everyone at ReNew Life Wellness Center…Your knowledge is appreciated and so desperately needs to be shared with others. Your dedication is unmatched!! Thank you from the bottom of my heart!”



I have been coming to Suzanne Gray for colon therapy for over 20 years. She Is the best! She is always learning new techniques . Recently she did Wolfe Deep Tissue Abdominal Lift! Wow!!!! I felt so good and did I let go. After the session my abdominal region felt different. Looser then I have before. I strongly recommend Suzanne. Ask about the Scar tissue technique.


I have had several services at ReNew Life Wellness. Suzanne and Karen have magic hands. They are so passionate about their work. I have been to other colon therapist around the country and they are the BEST!


I recently saw Suzanne for colon therapy. She is very informative and skillful. Her techniques was different then any massage work I have ever had. It was a little uncomfortable , however, I felt great, It was worth it.


“I had the ionic foot bath last Friday at 10:30 am. The color of the water turned orangey-brown. I did feel any difference at first but later that day; I noticed a significant improvement in the mobility of my joints. Today is Tuesday and I feel great! Thanks again!”