Massage Therapy relieves pain caused by stress, repetitive strain or sudden injury.

It reduces inflammation by increasing blood and lymph circulation. Toxins are removed while bringing vital nutrients to the injured cells. Circulation is improved.

Massage helps increase red blood cells and platelet production as well as increasing joint range of motion. Thanks to our use of essential oils and aromatherapy during our massages, clients leave with a feeling of well being.

We are able to customize your session to suit your needs. We provide the following massage types:


Aroma Touch Sessions:

  • The power of carefully chosen essential oils is combined with the stimulation of relaxing warmth to eliminate cellulite, restore a healthy metabolism to adipose tissue, and rid the body of excess fluids and toxins.
  • The benefits of this superior blend of ingredients include: visible reduction of cellulite , overall slimming inch loss and increased wellness, hydration and firming of the skin. These treatments are very calming, leaving you feelign wonderfully refreshed and energized.
  • Many clients will lose a dress size of more from a series of 10 treatments. In conjunction with a health lifestyle habits, the Essential Oils Body Treatment will help you meet your wellness goals.

Lymphatic Drainage:

Lymphatic Drainage stimulates the body’s immune and parasympathetic nervous system. Releasing blockages allowing a reduction in swelling of the body’s systems/organs. Detoxifying to promote regeneration of tissue from injury, burns, surgery, wounds, etc.

Cosmetic surgery patients who want to experience a smoother recovery, minimize any discomfort, pain and inflammation can benefit from lymphatic drainage massage therapy.